Look after your employees and they will look after you

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We’ve written many times before on the benefits of employee engagement for all types of business on our blog. It’s an indisputable fact that it is a very important factor in a company’s success, as according to the Gallup report, “companies with engaged workforces have higher earnings per share (EPS) and seem to have recovered from the recession at a faster rate.” Seems very straightforward, as it is quite obvious that an engaged employee is a motivated employee and as such, more productive than someone who doesn’t really care.Header Background_Workforce

There are many things that have been suggested in the past on how to engage employees but I believe that the one thing that really makes a difference is to make people feel like they’re taken care of. Making your employee feel valued and like an individual and not a number is extremely important. If you treat your employees like people, they’ll, in turn, treat you like a person in return and will be more willing to help when things go wrong. Look at the Gleneagles Hotel example:

“In the mid-2000s, the Gleneagles luxury hotel in Scotland launched an employee engagement scheme for its 800 staff. Staff quarters were refurbished to look as plush as the guest suites, a new canteen was built, and artistic black-and-white photos of staff were taken and framed. Community initiatives were also launched and staff visited schools to talk about careers in hospitality. The hotel subsequently avoided catastrophe during the recession via the goodwill of its employees helping out in new roles. Chauffeurs even became golf caddies. HR director Janette Scott puts this down to “communication on a two-way basis and being absolutely open. In the recession, people did what they did because they were truly proud to work for Gleneagles the brand and the organisation, and felt they wanted to do their bit to protect it”.

It’s clear that empathy generates empathy and simply treating your employees well made all the difference in a time of difficulty. I would say that this is something that should be adopted all year round because you never know when things can go wrong…