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London’s Second Startup Hub

wazoku News

Simon Hill, our CEO, has recently been featured in Forbes discussing West London as the second startup hub beyond Shoreditch:

“To be honest with you, it was partly borne out of the excitement of doing something different and pushing West London,” says Simon Hill, co-founder and managing director of idea management startup Wazoku, of his company’s decision to locate on the other side of town from most of the well publicized action, but he continues, “it was massively borne out of the fact that it’s a lot cheaper over this side of London still. Shoreditch [in the east] has become very, very expensive.”

Hill’s solution to rising real estate prices would be familiar to generations of big city dreamers with limited resources – move further out to the neighborhood no one else wants… yet. Hill’s co-founder James King also runs the incubator Find Invest Grow (aka FIG), so Hill took his company to their newly minted office space across town.

Read more about FIG Village and Wazoku on the Forbes website.