Leverage Your Crowd

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Crowdsourcing is the concept of asking a group of people (a “crowd”) to help solve problems, distribute tasks or generate ideas, via an open call. The term was coined in 2006 and today is used, almost exclusively, in relation to online requests and virtual crowds.


Smart businesses are successfully using crowdsourcing to gather new ideas from a wider pool of knowledge than traditionally possible. It’s quick, inexpensive and often delivers better results, thanks to a greater ability to collaborate. Most individuals are used to the concept of crowdsourcing through websites like Kickstarter or social networks like Facebook which encourage people to gather around a specific task to bounce ideas around or make something happen. The best way smart businesses can really leverage their employer base, their clients, their stakeholders, or anyone else they seek ideas from is through the implementation of a platform that’s designed to collect and analyse those ideas, i.e. idea management software.

One of the largest concerns clients have with utilising idea management software, however, is the risk they take with employing new technologies within their company or expecting clients or stakeholders to adapt to something new in order to effectively collect their opinions. It’s difficult to crowd source if your crowd doesn’t know or understanding what it is your doing.

Idea Spotlight, our idea management platform, utilises social networking tools that your employees and clients are already utilising to interact with family and friends to provide an effective environment for you to truly leverage you crowd. We utilise interactive concepts such as “following”, “liking”, “voting” to create a space for people to discuss and build ideas. The added benefit of our software over a social networking platform like Facebook is that it’s analytics allow you as the administrator to see what ideas are generating the most buzz for the right reasons.

For more information about how we’re utilising social networking aspects to help you crowdsource within idea management software check out our guide linked below or consider contacting us for a demonstration of our product.