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Let’s co-create, Mr Client!

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With new and emerging technologies developing at increasing speed, how do IT suppliers and system integrators best understand how to apply these new tools and methods in their clients’ organisations? A beauty parade no longer cuts it with clients who are looking to their technology partners to help take advantage of this new evolution and create value above and beyond the delivery of their contracts.

We need to stop creating solutions and only getting good at selling them; we need to co-create solutions with our clients. At Wazoku, we work with top system integrators and management consultancies who are managing client relationships and innovating for and with clients like it was still 1999. It is hard enough for consultancies to up-skill their employees quickly enough to understand the vast possibilities that arise when exploring Blockchain, Machine Learning or AI for example, let alone understanding how these technologies can be used to create value or transform the businesses they supply and service.

Learning for the customer, not just learning

For example, we provided an idea management solution for an internal digital consultancy event exploring how to pitch and position emerging technologies to their clients. The top 200 European sales people and account managers attended, the premise being to capture the great innovation that happens over the couple of days and use it to sell these technologies. So far so good.

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