Reduce complexity, resource intensity & friction with your AI digital innovation assistant
Jen AI.

    Habitat for Humanity

Jen is our AI digital innovation assistant

Jen streamlines access to our connected innovation management suite, offering instant, intelligent assistance and simplifying data navigation. Jen accelerates decision-making and enhances productivity to deliver consistent, scalable results.

Innovation is complex, but Jen is here to help

Here are just some of the ways…

Unlock collective intelligence

Jen AI can surface clustered crowd-sourced solutions, unveiling powerful focus areas generated from your platform’s collective intelligence.

Simplify idea management

Jen AI can simplify the journey, directing ideas to relevant challenges with just one click, enhancing engagement and effectiveness.

Accelerate collaborative innovation

Automatically connect users with complementary skills to foster collaboration on promising solutions.

Smart problem/solution matching

Intelligent automation ensures users are directed to the challenges that match their expertise.

Seamlessly duplicate

Highlight and merge duplicated efforts across the organization.

Timely idea distribution

Ensure ideas reach the right evaluators at the perfect time accelerating the journey from concept to implementation.

Accelerate scouting activity

Jen AI streamlines the search for innovation opportunities. Specify your interest, and Jen scours the Wazoku product suite and beyond to find the perfect match.

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