Calling all mumpreneurs! – Put your daily innovations into action

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What do toddlers, ideas and carrot sticks have in common? To some people, not very much, but to any parents desperately trying to instil some vitamins into their child – innovative ideas and disguised vegetables go hand in hand.

Which is why today is a very exciting day at Wazoku as our customer, the Infant and Toddler Forum (ITF), sets out with a new public challenge addressing one of the hardest questions facing parents today –  How can we make sure we’re feeding our children the right thing?! In a competition which will remain open for the next few months, the ITF and a host of partners are turning to parents for their ideas on monitoring children’s diets, with the goal of creating products and services to make parents’ lives easier.

“We know that everyone working with, and caring for, toddlers is constantly innovating to solve everyday challenges. So, who better to recommend practical ideas to help with guidance and make it easy for everyone to use” says Judy More, ITF member and Paediatric Dietitian & Nutritionist who will be part of the judging panel for the ITF’s first public crowdsourcing challenge. Following the development of the ITF’s Portion Sizes for Toddlers Guide, an online directory containing recommended portion-sizes for each of the major food groups, it seemed natural for the ITF to want to turn their knowledge into something more user-friendly.

Innovative parents isn’t anything new – the Guide to Practical Parenting coined the term ‘Mumpreneur’ back in 2005 and since then there’s been a steady rise in the number of parents designing, producing and marketing practical solutions to fellow parents. Compared to the time it takes a manufacturer to design a basic prototype, your average parent has already thought up, tried and tested several new ideas. Being intrinsic to the story, it makes sense that parents are seen as innovative partners rather than just customers.

This is exactly why ITF has turned to parents instead of manufacturers. Their first-hand experience, creative exhaustion and a genuine desire to solve the problem at hand makes them the obvious choice when trying to design a practical solution. There’s also the added bonus that a product designed by parents, for parents, is likely to be more well-received than one which has been created in a lab with a strict price margin dictating its development.

So… if you’re a parent with a genius idea, a product in mind that you created over breakfast or a solution to all parents’ mealtime woes – enter your idea into the ‘Think Toddler-Sized’ Challenge for a chance to win £1,000. That’s more than just a penny for your thoughts.