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It takes a visionary

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I meet and talk to visionary innovation leaders all the time. I’m not going to lie, selling the concept of managing ideas to drive innovation throughout an organisation, engaging employees and opening real business challenges to the entire employee/partner/customer network to collect, evaluate, discuss, develop and implement ideas… is just ludicrous to many, fluff to some and the golden nugget to success for a few.

Those few that see their networks as their golden success nugget, are the true visionaries.Innovation Leader_visionary

Unfortunately, most CXO’s are missing the boat completely.  You say you run innovative companies, you say your vision for innovation is known organisation-wide and yet you can’t recite it, don’t play an active role in it and aren’t involving your most precious resource, your employees/supply chain/partners/customers, in the process.  Today I want to highlight exactly what most CXO’s are missing and review the recipe for the perfect visionary innovation leader and why their vision and forward – open approach to innovation will set them at the forefront of their industries, organisations and beyond.

Many in the c-suite today are there after working up the corporate, mostly top-down ladders, where when their careers began, the big buzzy words were not Transformation, Innovation, Crowdsourcing, and let’s try one of the most unsexy words of all…Ideation.  These hardworking ladies and gentlemen were not asked to partake in driving the company forward with their ideas and were most certainly not asked to make innovation part of their jobs every day.  These CXOs are now sitting at the top of their organisations paying lip-service to innovation because they know they should.  Sure, you talk the talk, but when it comes to BAU, as discussed by Gareth Morgan’s recent post on Innovation Culture – Changing Mindsets, everyone just goes back to their daily routine and nothing happens.

CXOs go to conferences and seek to win awards, like the most “innovative firm” in their industries.  They build strategies that have innovation as one of their business pillars.  They even create jobs for “Innovation Managers” to represent that their organisation is innovative.  This is all a song and dance with little value presented, few goals aligned and puny amounts of energy put forth to drive innovation in their organisations.  So, you might ask, “what are we missing?” You are missing a laundry list of important key criteria that make innovation real, accessible, value generating and embedded in your cultural DNA.

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