ISS Software GmbH and Wazoku partner to revolutionise the German insurance industry

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ISS Software GmbH and Wazoku are set to transform the German insurance sector by enabling the co-creation of new solutions for insurance organisations for and in collaboration with the wider industry.

This partnership takes digital transformation to a new level, making it a collaborative effort of an ecosystem with one common interest – to upgrade the industry, to stay competitive and to meet current demand faster and better. The core values of both Wazoku and ISS Software are to future-proof the business of their clients. The two businesses have joined forces to bring an exciting new solution in the ISS Software product portfolio that will help insurance companies in Germany to make innovation business as usual and to actively shape their future.

“We believe that innovative solutions are created collaboratively, in a transparent and open environment that fosters people’s entrepreneurial potential. The Wazoku software platform creates exactly this kind of environment and we are thrilled to be able to underpin our services with this cutting-edge software”, said Andreas Penzel, Business Development Director at ISS Software GmbH.

“Wazoku’s platform has become an invaluable tool for businesses globally who aspire to build an effective culture of EveryDay innovation. We have a proven track record in the insurance sector, having driven millions of Euros of value to businesses such as Aviva, Prudential and Direct Line, and with wider Financial Services clients such as Fidelity and HSBC. We are hugely excited about the German market and the huge potential for this partnership to drive real change and bring great value to the German insurance sector,” said Simon Hill, CEO of Wazoku.

The new ISS Software offering will enable German insurance companies to innovate with their workforce, with their ecosystem or even with their customers. ISS Software will help them identify the primary audience they would like to engage in innovation and then help them to grow and expand by engaging new audiences to solve organisational, industry or systemic challenges.

About ISS Software GmbH

ISS Software GmbH is amongst the leading providers of software solutions for the financial services sector in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Set up by Sopra Steria AG in 2002, ISS Software GmbH provides its customers with more than technical excellence, expertise and cost reduction.

The company provides technical innovation and agility to businesses that will positively impact the bottom line results.

About Wazoku

Wazoku’s mission is to create EveryDay innovation organisations who embrace the challenge to make innovation part of everyone’s job, in every department every day. The company was founded in 2012 and is growing by 80% year on year, having reached over 1,000,000 users globally.