Introducing WorkFu

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Tomorrow we’ll all be at the Digital London summit where the shortlisted Startup Challenge entrants will be presenting lightning pitches to the delegates and trying to secure as many last minute votes as possible!


So, in the last of our featured posts from Startup Challenge entrants we hear from Adam at WorkFu:

When did you launch? 

Beta goes live on 30th March 2012

What stage is your business at?

Pre-beta, bootstrapped and getting users to sign up for the beta, which is going really well.

How did you come up with the idea?

To coin an old adage, we decided to solve a problem we all had, that of finding relevant talent for the digital agencies we all previously worked at.

What challenges do you face as a startup?

Keeping the idea as simple as we originally envisaged, it’s easy to get distracted by functionality that isn’t necessary for a minimum viable product.

What problems does your product solve for businesses?

Two fold: how to discover relevant talent for your business and how to find relevant businesses for your talent – all in a lot less time that it currently takes

Why did you enter the startup challenge?

We love a challenge!

Now you have reached the shortlist do you have any strategies for gathering new votes to win the challenge?

We’ll be making a big push for votes through our active social media channels over the coming days – if you like us, vote for us! will be our rallying cry.

Who are your ideal customers and/or existing customers?

All businesses, specifically digital focused to begin with, as we then expand into all work verticals – and perhaps most importantly prospective talent – if you want to be discovered, you’ll want to be on WorkFu.