Introducing Fooblr

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With two days left for shortlisted entrants to get enough votes to win the Startup Challenge we hear from Fooblr to find out more about their startup.

When did you launch?
We will launch by the end of 2012, at the moment we have the minimum viable product (invitation only).

What stage is your business at?
The first market analysis and the business idea definition is completed.
The waiting page and the minimum viable product are live.
The mobile interactive prototype is ready.
We are getting customer insights and running a user research.

How did you come up with the idea?
Small and local food initiatives are growing everywhere, and people are looking for food not only because it tastes good, but also because it feels good as well.
Food artisans (restaurateurs, chefs and farmers) run small independent local operations, their services and products are not widely distributed or easy to find. Even if they don’t want to grow it’s hard to survive.
People who are looking for food artisans find it hard to find them. Online marketplaces don’t host foodie initiatives and food artisans feel different and don’t want to be listed together with commercial enterprises.

What challenges do you face as a startup?
Customer development. Market is highly localised, highly regulated, fragmented across food service and food products.

What problems does your product solve for businesses?
Fooblr is a marketplace designed for foodies and this means it’s more efficient then a generic one.
It allows people to buy authentic and genuine food and it’s an alternative sale channel for the food artisans. The use of mobile technology enables people to find deals in real time and nearby.
Fooblr empowers people to use food to express themselves.

Why did you enter the startup challenge?
We’d like to meet people, get advice from successful entrepreneurs and gain visibility.

Who are your ideal customers and/or existing customers?
Food artisans: people who want to start their local, traditional and healthy food business.

Find out more about Fooblr and vote for them to win the challenge!