Wazoku hits Toronto with Everyday Innovation

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A relatively new term, intrapreneurship is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as “the willingness or ability of people within a large company to take direct responsibility for turning ideas into profitable new products, services, business etc.” Our partner, the Intrapreneurship Conference, developed the idea of intrapreneurship into a global initiative, building an ecosystem of intrapreneurs by regularly bringing together innovation leaders to meet face-to-face in major cities around the world.

The conference tagline “Innovation from anyone, anywhere, always” is an iteration of Wazoku’s Everyday Innovation ethos ‘everyone’s job, in every department, every day.’ With this similar philosophy, we formed the partnership with a mutual goal to empower employees to become true intrapreneurs and drive innovation for organisations around the world. We are proud to be among partners such as Royal Bank of Canada, Cisco, SAP, IBM and MarketGravity who are also on a mission to establish intrapreneurship as the norm rather than the nice to have.

This November, the conference takes place in Toronto, where Wazoku CEO, Simon Hill, will elaborate on the Everyday Innovation concept and give practical advice on how to develop a highly effective culture of innovation. Wazoku not only stands by the Everyday Innovation philosophy, we constantly enrich our knowledge and best practices by working with intrapreneurs from multi-national companies who have used the Wazoku idea management platform, Idea Spotlight, to add structure to their innovation programmes. Most importantly, our customers have used technology and the resulting innovation structure as a launchpad for building the much bigger piece called ‘culture of innovation’, where you put innovation “at the very heart of what an organisation does and how it does it.” (Cris Beswick, Building a Culture of Innovation: A Practical Framework for Placing Innovation at the Core of Your Business.)

Wazoku is thrilled to spread the Everyday Innovation message to a focused group of over 250 active corporate innovators from more than 20 countries, all driving intrapreneurship in all trades, including: innovation and strategy managers, heads of labs, incubators and accelerators, R&D and product development professionals, HR and organisational transformation leaders.

With six years of success in the innovation arena and a global client reach of over 1,000,000+ and growing, we have built an ecosystem of innovators who have  embraced the Everyday Innovation ethos. In his talk at the Intrapreneurship Conference in Toronto, Simon demonstrated how an innovation culture has been successfully created in and across multiple sectors.

In 2017, the world is more actively innovating than it has ever before. Until recently, innovation was the job of R&D and Marketing at best. Today, we are rolling out organisation-wide innovation programmes and bringing together innovation leaders to spread their enthusiasm, share best practices and drive intrapreneurship globally. We invite anyone who shares the same passion and agrees that innovation is everyone’s job, in every department, every day, to join the next Intrapreneurship Conference and learn about Everyday Innovation from the Wazoku Everyday innovation report.