What the internet gets wrong about idea management software

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Recently I came across an article in a popular tech publication, listing the best idea management software in the market. I was disappointed in reading it, mostly because it became apparent that the concept of what idea management software actually is, still seems to be a bit confusing.


Idea management software isn’t just:

  • An intranet
  • A social media platform
  • Mind mapping software
  • Internal communications tool

In reality, it can be all of this, rolled into one and a lot more!

What is it, then, idea management software, or rather, what can it help you with? To put it simply, it is a tool that will allow you to:

  • Capture and evaluate ideas within an organisation in a structured way- by creating challenges and putting defined workflows in place. This means challenges can be created to answer specific organisational issues.
  • The workflows make it possible to generate, select and refine ideas that offer the greatest potential business value, as these ideas are voted on and commented and will go through successive refinement stages until the desired outcome is reached.
  • Allows organisations to manage the idea process effectively, by providing structure and automation. This will avoid wasting time dealing with the unstructured way ideas are captured by suggestion boxes, for example.
  • Have a more engaged, productive workforce – the social aspect of idea management software makes it easy to involve every member of staff in a meaningful way. Rewards and recognition can be used as a way of encouraging staff to participate and be part of the innovation process.
  • The best idea software tools provide a more transparent and democratic process. Those that also encourage collaboration offer even greater value, as they tend to deliver more complete ideas, that are seen by the right people, resulting in quicker implementation and broader employee buy-in.
  • The best alternative to suggestion boxes, post-it notes and idea workshops.

In sum, the best idea management software should encourage employees and other stakeholders to participate and make it easier for employees to listen to them. It’s a cost-effective and flexible way of finding engaging employees in Everyday Innovation, and the best way to integrate it into everyone’s daily life.