Idea Management for the Insurance Industry

In an increasingly customer-centric environment, Wazoku helps insurance companies be innovative and remain relevant.

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The insurance world is changing at an unprecedented pace and insurers are facing a number of challenges:


  • How to introduce and adopt disruptive digital technologies
  • Users want a vastly improved customer experience and products tailored to their specific needs
  • The widening gap between modern insurtech agencies and traditional ones
  • Internal workflows need automation to increase operational efficiencies
  • Claims, risk and policy management must evolve to meet consumer demands
  • Employees want a more inclusive and collaborative place of work

Where do you find the new customer-centric product ideas or cultivate the environment for cross-functional or cross-department collaboration?

We’ve created a culture which rewards people for challenging ideas and thinking differently, as well as delivering results. As a result, our fantastic colleagues feel empowered to challenge our process and Idea Lab ensures that their ideas are heard and implemented. This helps us as a business deliver for our customers, making insurance much easier and better value.
Simon Linares, HR Director, Direct Line Group
    Wazoku helps insurance companies begin or extend their innovation programmes with our collaborative idea management platform.

    How can the insurance sector innovate with idea management?

    • Focus on the customer journey

      Put the insurants’ needs at the forefront of your business. Why not involve them in the product development process to build offers together? Learn how

    • Digitise the right process, in the right way

      Who should be involved in establishing plans for operational efficiency – brokers, customers, accelerators, employees? Give everyone the opportunity to make a contribution. Learn how

    • Cross-sell other insurance products

      By knowing your customers better and delivering more tailored products, up-selling and cross-selling becomes much smarter. Learn how

    • Be a more inclusive organisation

      Train and enable staff to think differently whilst fostering a culture of innovation. Learn how

    • Adapt/change legacy systems

      Outdated technology can be a huge barrier to innovation. Collect, evaluate and implement ideas for change and optimisation. Learn how

    • Optimise claims, risk and policy management

      Crowdsource ideas to develop, evaluate and implement to meet consumer demands and increase employee engagement. Reduce the high-turnover of call center staff by allowing people to affect change and deliver solutions from the ground up. Learn how


    See how we've helped our insurance customers innovate:

    This leading insurer implemented 80 staff ideas that saved more than £3 million over three years, providing 2,000% ROI.

    A British multinational insurance company

    Driven by customer needs, the Customer Cup competition discovered new markets and product lines which represented more than £10 million in new revenue, whilst engaging 5K+ employees across 18 markets. Read more.

    Read how Direct Line Group generated more than £3.25 million in savings through idea management: