Innovation Software


Software for innovation. What is it? Do you need it?

Innovation is critical for all businesses – a business that doesn’t innovate is destined to perish. How can innovation software help organisations innovate and progress?

  • Promotes collaboration and engagement
  • Provides a scalable set of tools
  • Enables conversations in the whole organisation (or a defined subset)

Innovation software can be used across the innovation gamut, from the front end where ideas are generated (the ideation phase) through to the evaluation of these ideas, business casing, team building, project management, delivery and outcome measurements.

Wazoku’s Idea Spotlight is a specialist software designed to make the process of idea generation, evaluation, filtering and early progression as effective and engaging as possible.

Let’s imagine we work at ACME UK Ltd: the business is looking for incremental innovation ideas to enhance their current product offering. They want to engage all employees in the idea generation process and are even offering a prize for the best ideas.


Through Idea Spotlight the project owner starts a new challenge and shares this with everyone in ACME UK Ltd. As ideas flow back in, they’re visible to everyone, stimulating other creative responses interacting with the challenge. Making the idea generation phase more social and collaborative avoids the duplication of ideas and allows users to evaluate and build on ideas already on the platform. Through this process the project manager at ACME is able to rapidly gather ideas from a broad group of people, test these for validity and support across the organisation and then to give feedback and monitor progress.


Idea Spotlight is well thought out from start to finish. The software offers me a multitude of different possibilities and provides all options to map our innovation management processes individually and strategically. In this way, we can design the development process, the evaluation and the implementation of ideas according to the respective task or goal.

The possibilities to follow the actions on the platform via the built-in analysis tools are excellent. This gives us a clear picture of our innovation plans and the achievement of our goals. Read more.


The benefits of innovation software for an organisation go well beyond the systematisation of a critical business process.

Employee engagement early in the ideas process has been shown to increase overall employee satisfaction, help businesses to make more informed business decisions earlier and also provides data around the whole process never previously available.

Idea competitions are a useful tool for gathering structured and targeted ideas quickly. Ideas, however, can come to people at any time. The best innovation systems also cater for unsolicited ideas, allowing users to submit them to the relevant experts and decision makers within the business – giving ideas the best chance of finding a relevant audience and the business the opportunity of discovering the best and most informed ideas efficiently.The votes and interactions of these experts should also be ranked to allow for the most informed ideas to surface above others.

Innovation software can deliver excellent results for an engaged business

It supports incremental as well as step change innovation. Creating more open cultures has helped businesses to cut costs, increase profits, serve customers better and improve products both directly and indirectly.

Innovation systems encourage idea creation within a business. For many businesses innovation is not the responsibility of an individual or team. Some clients of Wazoku’s innovation software are drawn from across the organisation, from product managers, sales managers, HR, innovation teams, to strategists and many more. Our clients are seeking ideas, ways to do things better and looking to engage the organisation more effectively in the innovation process.

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