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Innovation Management for Media

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Innovation management is an ideal solution for media organisations that wish to gather ideas about what types of new media to produce and develop the ideas they currently have. But media organisations have long had their own idea generation and development processes and may feel hesitant to adopt a new system, so we’ve put together the top four reasons for media organisations to take on an innovation management platform:

Working on laptop_digital

1. Ideas can come from everywhere. One of the biggest obstacles companies face when they innovate is their own assumption that the best opinion is from the highest paid individual in the company. With hierarchies set up, who’s going to argue. But that hierarchy can sometimes not bode well for innovation. The truth is that good ideas can come from everywhere and that’s not only true for business ideas, but it’s definitely true for creative ideas. Anyone can have them. Opening your innovation process up to all people increases the likelihood of coming across those ideas.

2. Crediting ideas can be complicated. During long meetings where ideas are built and worked on, sometimes crediting who came up with what depends a lot on who has the best memory, which isn’t necessarily reliable. And when it comes to creative ideas, crediting the original develops of the idea can be a serious matter. The benefit of having an innovation management platform is that it becomes clear not only who pitches ideas but who develops them in a way that isn’t always clear or memorable during meetings.

3. Time is precious. We all know how tedious organising and participating in a meeting can be. With loads of other priorities to focus on and tasks to complete, sometimes meetings, as productive and innovative as they can be, drain the resources of organisations that already have few resources. The benefit of having a platform for these ideas and their development is that employees can build on these ideas and work on them without having to be in a room for several hours. They can visit the platform whenever they have time and also choose their level of involvement by discussing or just voting on the idea.

4. Security is key. Innovative business ideas as well as creative ideas are valued resources. Large media organisations may find themselves concerned that one platform contains their entire innovation framework and may get worried about the security of their process being compromised. The benefit of utilising our platform is that we provide excellent security for all of our clients and ensure via encryption and UK based servers, that their data is safe.

Of course, media organisations and industries may have other specific concerns, but one can clearly see the benefits toward establishing a platform for generating and developing their ideas. Having a reliable platform could mean the difference between finding the ideas that spark a hit show or allowing it to slip through the meeting and daily hum drum cracks.