Defence and government

Innovation in the Public Sector

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Wazoku has recently attended and sponsored the Innovation Zone at the  LGA Conference (Local Government Association). This was an extremely busy event, with talks and presentations by many of its members at the Innovation Zone, covering several themes, from political leadership to transformation and innovation technology that’s being adopted by several councils.

Defence and government

It was also worthy of note the publication of a report titled “Investing in our Nation’s future – the first 100 days of the next Government”, a document that lists the local authorities’ “advice” for the next Government coming in 2015.

In this report, the main country’s priorities and needs are listed, presenting suggestions on how to tackle challenges such as how to solve the housing problem or how to halve the number of unemployed young people, among others.

This is a somewhat controversial document, as noted by one of The Guardian’s bloggers, if only because nothing like this has ever been done before. It is, however, pleasing to see how many of these measures (if the future Government chooses to adopt them), will not only improve the quality of life for all residents but will also help save £11 billion in public sector spending.

It is an impressive effort by local authorities, that also shows that the public sector can also be a drive for innovation, not just privately owned companies. We are also doing our part to help, as we are already working with the Lewisham and Nottinghamshire Councils, by providing a platform that will enable idea and suggestion sharing. This will not only lead to savings and deliver better efficiencies but also allows all members of staff to participate in processes.

If you would like to know more about how an idea management platform can help local government, view page.