Innovation in Sport

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On first glance, a football team may seem like the least likely targets as idea software customers, especially since most of their work is done out on a field, not behind a computer. But our approach to idea management, is based on the theory of Kaizen, or continuous improvement, something that companies like Toyota also use to improve their factories. Continuous improvement is applicable to any and all processes and methods of doing things – and that includes football.


Behind the basics of the game of football lies a business which has to operate functionally and efficiently. Iain Montgromery, writing for Market Gravity, discussed the importance of innovation within football clubs, citing that while it may appear, because of the salaries of some of the players, that football clubs are drowning profits, the reality of the situation is that not all football clubs operate with the budgets of the more famous clubs:

While United and City splash the cash on big money transfers with little financial worry, many teams are constrained by tight financial scenarios and need to find new strategies to give them a chance in the big time.

This is where continuous improvement and innovation comes in and why idea software can work for football clubs. If their goal is to modernise and find real solutions for their financial troubles, their networks will become the most important people they can draw on to solve these issues. Montgomery cites the example of Burnley football club finding a solution in their unused stadium to launch the University College of Football Business, offering business based degrees in the sport in order to generate income for the team. The approach has been so successful, Montgomery writes, that they will be implementing a second campus in another stadium to take on more students.

What Montgomery’s article demonstrates is that all sectors, even those which may not seem to have a use for an idea software solution, have processes to improve and new ideas that could benefit those processes. Investing in a platform that brings these ideas to you to analyse and develop can only benefit you in the long run.