Innovation in industry – Balsamiq Mockups

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Balsamiq is a software company that offers useful and easy to use prototyping for apps and web sites, working on desktop or in a web browser. These apps are called mockups and allow a designer to arrange pre-built widgets.

Founded in 2008, Balsamiq is fast-growing and passionate about helping software designers and developers sketch out their ideas.  For the first 3 years, the company has made 9 million in sales and continues to grow.

Mockups in software development creates interfaces, showing the end user what the software will look like. Mockups allow for quick iterative tests, allowing designers to learn and improve their  designs quickly and cost effectively.

Balsamiq Mockups  enables users to create software mockups in minutes, collaborate with a distributed team and create a finished product. It is designed to help a team to iterate on wireframes early. Wireframing allows prototyping website, application or multimedia designs without building them. Then, sketching a page and app layouts is easy with standard drawing tools. Balsamiq also enables the user to add simple interactivity to other elements on a webpage.


Mockups is a very user-friendly program because it allows tweaking and rearranging easily. When team members come up with design or a new idea, they can work in real-time. Some of the competitive features of the software are: tweaking designs in real-time; sharing and getting feedback; exporting designs to PNG images and clipboard; embedding Mockups in wikipages; free online demo version.

Balsamiq Mockups integrates successfully with many types of software, including Idea software.

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