Innovation Examples

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Innovation comes in many forms and sizes. In this recent article  in Monocle Magazine, several businesses around the world have  been highlighted for their ability to innovate and keep creativity  in line with profit and business practices.

It is interesting to see the relatively small scale ideas that have  made them successful.  In Mexico, having innovative sourcing  gives a small shop an edge over larger box stores.  In the UK, the  leader of Curzon Cinemas has the challenge to disrupt an  industry that was traditionally B2B, fragmented and inefficient.

Thinking creatively and letting change come from within are  also key parts of what makes companies in Japan successful, and  in France a family company is innovating, but also utilising great  ideas of the past to keep their business fresh.

These are all great real world examples of ideas, innovation and  how companies big and small can utilise creativity in business to  keep them ahead of the game, re-design their offering or to  continue to grow.

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