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Innovation doesn’t have to mean more bells and whistles

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Product innovation doesn’t necessarily mean more bells and whistles.

Paper planes_racing

Maps have been around for thousands of years.  The earliest examples of maps were star maps scrawled on the ceilings of caves.

Technology keeps pushing cartography forward; maps continue to become more detailed. Global positioning systems are making it possible to look at your smart phone to know where you are at anytime.

With advancements in gps sensitivity and algorithms we’ll soon have gps dots, that will be able to pinpoint anything down to the millimetre.  You’ll tag your wallet and anything you want to keep track of.

So where do we go from here?  What room is there to innovate?

A colleague of mine bought me a gift recently, a crumpled map!  As convenient as my smart phone navigation is I still can’t use it while I’m travelling abroad.  How do you innovate on a product that’s been around for thousands of years?

Such a brilliantly simple concept, it’s a waterproof map that you can just ball up and shove in a pocket.  Proof that innovation doesn’t necessarily have to be extra bells and whistles.