Innovation Crossroads with Sopra Steria

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Just recently, our friends Rob Zerilli and Kathryn Abram made their way to Paris to meet with partner Sopra Steria at the Innovation Crossroads event.

Sopra Steria is a European information technology consultancy with its headquarters in Paris, France. The primary business areas of the company include consulting services, system integration and solutions, integration of ERP solutions, implementation of application solutions, as well as subcontracting solutions for providing technical support to users and application maintenance and outsourcing services and operation of professional processes.

The Innovation Crossroads event was a gathering over 200 of Sopra’s Account Directors, who were brought together to discuss the development of new technologies. The goal of the event was to generate new ideas surrounding Digital Interaction, Data Science, Smart Machines, Internet of Things and Automation. These five categories would be hosted in Idea Spotlight with an open challenge to receive and sort employee ideas.

The project spawned 94 unique ideas in the first round; all were then taken to a round of community voting from the idea submitters. From the results of the voting, 10 successful ideas were moved to the next stage. From here the 10 idea creators were given the opportunity to pitch their popular ideas to the rest of the crowd to convince everyone for their vote. After the round of pitches, another voting round was introduced to shorten the list to three successful ideas. These three ideas were moved into consideration for development and each successful idea creator received a nifty tech prize.

Throughout the duration of the challenge, live updates were presented on a live leaderboard displayed on Idea Spotlight. Using Idea Spotlight’s Gamification feature, a user can set a specific point score to be assigned to an action. This could be presented, for example, as:

  • Voting on an Idea – 1 point
  • Commenting on an Idea – 2 points
  • Submitting an Idea – 10 points
  • Submitting an Idea that progresses past the first stage – 20 points

This then displays not just those with the most successful ideas, but also recognises those who have submitted multiple suggestions, or perhaps are helping out by voting; empowering users to see that any interaction they give provides value.

Innovation Crossroads with Sopra Steria was a fantastic success, and we will be holding another event with Sopra’s Account Directors in Oslo, Norway in October.

We are running these events regularly so if you are a partner looking for an event to engage staff to kickstart innovation in your organisation, let us know!

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