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InnoCentive is now Wazoku.

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Go beyond simply horizon scanning and connect with businesses and technologies with the power to transform your business

Tech scouting

Connect the planning, locating, and adoption of new technologies

The enterprise-grade Wazoku Platform allows you to find and adopt emerging tech. Scouting_360 gives you:

An improved scouting process

To compete and stay ahead, you’ve got to implement the latest technology. Without it, you’ll be left behind.


Scouting_360 connects you from the knowledge of what can help to the contacting and implementation of who will help you.

An improved scouting process

A competitive advantage

Outstrip your competitors by moving ahead of the curve. While your competition struggles by only tackling problems internally, you can get ahead by utilizing Scouting_360.


The platform supports quick and comprehensive insights to unlock value from problems and opportunities.


Smarter decisions and delivery

Search for new technologies in a number of different ways. You can explore options by the technology area you require, the IP and patent rights that govern it, or industry-specific innovations to find what works best for you.

Smarter decisions and delivery

The New Zealand Defence Force utilized the Wazoku Crowd to solve a challenge around biosecurity on naval vessels:

both of the solutions featured a repurposed way of using an existing technology in another industry entirely.


Uncover breakthrough and adjacent technologies or players

Starting with landscape mapping and looking at diverse sources such as grants, patents & trademarks, scientific journals, news & web monitoring, conference papers we help you scope the space and the players for your scouting challenge.

Uncover breakthrough and adjacent technologies or players

Build a relevant community securely

Scouting_360 doesn’t just help you understand the opportunity: it supports your whole journey from developing and building the Challenge through to creating a bespoke community of the perfect technology or subject matter experts for your business.


This enables you to follow, engage and interact with potential partners in a secure environment.

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NASA ran a series of seven challenges with the Wazoku Crowd, of which five were in a significant technology gap area. They had identified this need and lack of direct experience in a portfolio mapping exercise – using external innovation provided them with answers to problems that they had been working on for many years.