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InnoCentive is now Wazoku.

Innovation_360 Innovation Consulting

We help you build the skills and capabilities to drive sustainable and scalable Innovation success


We’re with you on every step of your innovation journey

Our Customer Success and Customer Experience teams provide you with access to expertise, broad experience, and a flexible approach which means that any company can embed and maximize the benefits of Innovation_360.

Don’t let your innovation journey be intimidating or confusing

We’re on hand to simplify the process for you, allowing you to progress through the stages of innovation maturity at your own pace and in a way that suits your organization.


We provide an on-boarding programme with structure and proven results, based on the real-world experience of our wide range of existing clients.

Manage the design and delivery of your innovation

Wazoku’s Challenge Design Consultants and Customer Success teams work with you to achieve maximum value from your projects.


We will check in with you with regular innovation maturity reports, while also being on hand for benchmarking, insights, and recommendations. Wazoku works collaboratively with you in order to drive long-term success.

Supercharge your capability to innovate at scale

With the foundations laid, our team will support you in building out your ability to innovate more regularly. We run certified workshops, practitioner training, and scheme accreditation: all geared towards embedding innovation in a manner that makes it scalable and sustainable.

See the benefits multiply as your innovation program grows

When you reach the top of the maturity curve, you’ll be running your innovation program as an always-on capability.


Combining your entire supply chain and Wazoku’s global community of Change Makers in one platform, allows you to work together to deliver change that is aligned to your strategic goals.