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InnoCentive is now Wazoku.

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Unleash the collective intelligence of your organisation and build a winning culture of innovation


Harness the drive of your everyday innovators

Every employee should feel that they have the power to make real, lasting changes in your business. With Wazoku’s Challenge Driven Innovation® methodology, you can align these targeted outcomes to your strategic goals.

Start building a true culture of innovation quickly & simply

The empowering Employee_360 immediately builds engagement & enables collaboration. With public recognition of contributions and a fully transparent process everyone feels valued and engaged.

Keep your talent through creating ‘intrapreneurs”

Make sure that the hardest-working and most entrepreneurial members of your teams feel valued, supported, and keeps their great ideas inside your business through launching an ‘intrapreneurship’ program with Employee_360.

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“We didn’t just want an innovative tool or a strategy. We wanted to evolve as an innovative organization. We decided to work with Wazoku because they are a dynamic company and a great cultural fit. The Wazoku platform is easy to use and supported our strategy”

Rachel Summers
Director of Operational Excellence, Strategy, and Transformation – SSCL

80% of employees attended The SSCL Way, a highly successful employee engagement program powered by Wazoku’s Innovation_360. The SSCL Way was the winner of the 2018 IdeasUK award in the ‘People & Organization’.

Engage everyone effectively

We know that building engagement is critical for the successful development of any innovation program and so we have made it easy to build impactful content to support your challenges and notifications and communications to drive activity.


We give you complete control over roles and permissions do that everything is targeted appropriately. All within our intelligent Wazoku Platform.

Already integrated with your key tools

Employee_360 is integrated across the enterprise stack, to support and underpin your decision-making capability. With Microsoft Teams, Jira, and other integrations, your innovation efforts become part of day-to-day work.

Incentives drive engagement

On a personal level, incentives drive engagement and effort in innovation: Solvers get cash prizes and internal employees can be rewarded for their ideas. Learn how to innovate successfully through rewards.

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Support from our specialist success team

With innovation maturity reports, benchmarking, and recommendations, our Customer Success team is on hand to support you throughout your innovation journey.