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InnoCentive is now Wazoku.

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Drive continuous improvement with customer insights at the heart of your innovation activity


Put customers at the heart of your innovation activity

Who better to drive improvements in your products than those who use them. However, often customer feedback is disjointed and insights reside in different teams, Marketing, Customer Service, Product Management.


Customer_360 puts the insights & issues sourced directly from your customers at the heart of your innovation activity.

Bring your whole organization together around the customer voice

Customer_360 enables everyone in the business to view customer sourced insights & issues and build upon them. Voting on the ones that reflect their experience and adding further details can lead to successful suggestions and potential solutions.

Customer co-creation just got easier and more secure

The Wazoku Platform has built-in enterprise security, fully configurable access – with anonymity to encourage participation – and IP agreements for co-creation that ensure you can co-create confidently with customers.


This gives you the freedom to explore opportunities with your customers that would otherwise not be possible.

Make continuous improvement a sustainable and scalable part of your culture

An organization can always benefit from external perspectives and insights – whether inside or outside your network. A team may just be too close to the subject to see the most viable solution. It may be that someone else’s bolt of inspiration can be adopted by your company.


By using Customer_360 to source these ideas, you can tap into a repeatable and scalable practice of operational excellence.

Support from our specialist success team

With innovation maturity reports, benchmarking, and recommendations, our Customer Success team is on hand to support you throughout your innovation journey.

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“Don’t let a good idea go to waste – throw it out there!” – Aviva motto

Aviva were able to use our platform to digitize an annual ideas tournament to make it more successful. The ideas that came from this ‘Customer Cup’ contributed to greater customer experience in over 18 markets.