InnoCentive is now Wazoku.

Challenge Driven Innovation


Challenge Driven Innovation® is our proprietary innovation methodology that accelerates traditional innovation outcomes by leveraging both internal and external innovation along with defined methodology, process and tools to help organizations develop and implement actionable solutions to their key problems, opportunities and Challenges at unprecedented scale

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Our Challenge Driven Innovation® 4D process

  • In the Discover phase you research and gather insights through trend scouting, strategic foresight and analytics, signalling to spot potential drivers of change, new trends, emerging technologies, start-ups, and other early signals in real-time.
  • In the Define phase you are looking to really understand the innovation problem or opportunity you are seeking to address and to prioritise this against the other priorities, strategic focus areas and more across the business. This is powered by our proven Challenge Driven Innovationâ Framework and analytics capabilities.
  • In the Develop phase you further refining the roadmap, designing the challenge(s), identifying the relevant audience(s), setting the success criteria and decision-making frameworks. Moving from prototyping to production
  • In the Deliver phase you move rapidly through the delivery stages into scaled production and continuous improvement and optimisation.
  • This is a continuous and virtuous cycle and supported by AI-capability across the different components of the Wazoku Innovation_360 Operating System.