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Harness the power of any crowd to accelerate your innovation activity and increase success rates

Wazoku Crowd

Connect with millions of problem solvers

It’s impossible to have all the smartest and most capable people in your industry within your organization.


But this no longer needs to be an issue for your business. A rise in remote working, on-demand employment, and greater networking means there is a world of talent who could help you. Challenge_360 enables you to reach out to connect with any external crowd to innovate for solutions to your most pressing problems or opportunities.

Connect with millions of problem solvers

Delivering reduced costs at lightning speeds

Being able to pose your questions to an engaged and capable crowd can prove the difference maker needed to overcome your challenges.


Your organization benefits from incredible ROI that can turn a problem into a fully formed solution in a matter of months. Solutions can unlock new products or opportunities which supercharge the future ambitions and capacity of our customers.

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Having an always-on, open talent capability is a huge force multiplier for any organization. It is no wonder that research behemoths like NASA and the UK Ministry of Defence use our Crowd to provide critical value for their toughest challenges.


Crowdsourcing just got easier and more secure

The Wazoku Platform has built-in enterprise security, fully configurable access – with anonymity to help remove bias – and IP agreements for co-creation that ensure you can work together with confidence.


This gives you the freedom to explore opportunities with the crowd that would otherwise not be possible. Our clients have benefited from insights that resulted from crowdsourced Challenges: when the best ideas can truly come from anywhere.

Crowdsourcing just got easier and more secure

To bolster their search for new areas of research in bioelectronics, GlaxoSmithKline used the Wazoku Challenge Community’s insights – with the most helpful solution coming from a Bulgarian scientist citing a Mexican publication.


Wazoku connects you directly to the areas where you may not have visibility or access, to help you work towards your goals.

Can you afford to miss out?

of our awarded Solvers don’t fit clients’ traditional hiring profiles

of solutions to a problem were sourced from an outside field or industry


Support for every type of Challenge

You can run Grand Challenges with long deadlines and substantial rewards, Prize Challenges to solve urgent issues rapidly, Challenges looking for partners or Challenges looking for your next graduate intake.


The Wazoku Platform allows you to manage, report and analyse all this activity simply and effectively.

Support for every type of Challenge
Center for the Transformation of Work

The Wazoku Challenge Community has become the world’s first to be accredited by the Center for the Transformation of Work. Wazoku is leading both the industry and the world in turning external innovation into a must-have feature.


Wazoku Crowd - our out of the box solution

Are you interested in crowdsourcing and external Challenges but don’t have the time or expertise to build your own crowd? Wazoku Crowd is the answer.


With twenty years’ experience in crowdsourcing, the Wazoku Crowd is the gold standard for open talent and external innovation solutions. Wazoku’s dedication to problem-solving and breaking new ground is shared across our network of millions of proven problem solvers.  Find out more.

Wazoku Crowd - our out of the box solution
NZDF Customer Story

Read more about how a national defence force utilized open talent to discover effective ideas to solve a pressing challenge – outcomes included reduced environmental impacts, improved efficiency, and reduced costs.