Here's how Innovate helps you start new, think big, make change and uncover opportunity.


New Product & Services

Improve focuses on enhancing your existing products & services, but with Innovate, focus on developing new products & services to expand your current market reach. Engage many of the same stakeholders - prospects, customers and partners – to identify new opportunities to solve new problems and pain points and ensure your business remains competitive against new and existing entrants.



Engage all stakeholders to focus on the right things

Start with the source – prospects & customers – to gain deeper understanding of unresolved pain points. Let the community ask questions, provide feedback and rank the key gaps in the market.

When ideas for potential new products & services reach a critical mass, move them to internal communities to develop more fully. Use canvases, such as Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas and SWOT, to collaboratively evaluate the ideas and select the ones with the greatest potential to develop further – with internal and external communities. Push ideas to project management tools to support prototypes and proofs of concept, to further refine ideas before making go to market decisions.

New Business Model Development

With an evolving competitive landscape and the constant threat of new entrants, organisations must explore new and innovative business and delivery models, in addition to new products & services. Using your established crowd to test and iterate these new models ensures you pursue the most effective options.


Engage the right stakeholders at the right time

Use the flexible structure to spin up the right communities – both internal and external – as needed to gather and action feedback. Choose from open or closed communities and private Challenges to test widely or gather feedback from selected audiences. Move ideas between different communities easily, so all of your information stays in a single platform and can be used to make informed decisions.


Customer Experience Innovation

Customers today have more options and changing providers is easier than ever before. Improve can help you enhance your current customer experience and processes, but to prepare for tomorrow, you need to be exploring new ways to engage and delight your customers.



Connected communities drive connected insights

Customers are unique and expectations for a personalised experience are high, making it more important to gather insight and understand trends from a diverse group of people. Invite your prospects & customers to join, but also open it more broadly to engage a wider market you may not yet be servicing. Build open communities to bring varied groups together, with the option to segment that audience with private Challenges for more targeted engagement.

Supply Chain Innovation

Build on the supply chain optimisations driven with Improve, to ensure your supply chain is ready for the challenges of the future. Engage your entire ecosystem to imagine the changes that will drive the innovations for tomorrow.


Leverage your ecosystem to get ready for tomorrow

Innovating with a single supplier is good, getting your entire supplier ecosystem to work together to drive full scale innovation is even better. Just as breaking down silos between internal departments drives efficiency, bringing the entire supplier ecosystem together to innovate drives more value to the organisation.


New Market Opportunities

To grow and thrive, organisations must always be looking for new market opportunities. Going beyond new products & services or customer experience innovations, new market opportunities can be focused on new geographic regions, new industries or new sectors. Choosing the right opportunities to focus on require coordinated and structured evaluation of all options.



Flexible spaces for open, collaborative innovation

Create separate spaces to fully evaluate different market opportunities, creating a series of inter-related Challenges to explore different aspects of the opportunity from product implications, to sales and marketing strategy. Link Ideas together to build a broader viewpoint of the potential opportunities.

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