Incremental Innovation

Start working better, faster, smarter.

Incremental innovation is one of the most common and implemented types of innovation for businesses, however, it often goes unrecognised and undervalued. It involves making small scale improvements to existing processes, products or services. It’s built on the premise that small, everyday ideas are as valuable as big ones. These ideas are beneficial for incremental changes, short-term value and continuous process improvement.

By steadily improving different areas of your business across all facets – you’ll drive change, operational efficiencies and garner a more consistent return-on-investment (ROI).

Small changes can have a dramatic impact on the profitability of an organisation, and they do so for many of our customers:

Waitrose supermarkets saves £167,000 per year by shortening till receipts

“Small ideas are here to stay, and generally impact and mean so much more to Partners, than the next big strategic change in our organisation. It’s important for us to allow our workers to submit an idea wherever they are working Idea Spotlight gives exactly that.”

Stuart Eames, Operational Improvement Manager, Operational Efficiency,

Implemented 80 staff ideas, saving in excess of £3M over three years, a 2,000% ROI

“We’ve created a culture which rewards people for challenging ideas and thinking differently, as well as delivering results. As a result, our colleagues feel empowered to challenge processes and our ‘Idea Lab’ ensures that their ideas are heard and implemented”

Simon Linares,
HR Director,
Direct Line Group

Saved more than $60,000 and 1,000 people hours by implemented employee ideas

“More than half of Noblis’ scientists, engineers and developers work remotely around the country. Idea Spotlight is a crucial tool in finding connections among these geographically dispersed individuals who contribute in the development of ideas to better our business’’

Karl Wunderlich,
Corporate Research Program Manager,

How does Idea Spotlight drive incremental innovation and help build continuous improvement initiatives in your organisation?

Idea Spotlight, Wazoku’s idea management platform, is being used by global organisations to implement incremental changes in operations, realise cost savings and reduce times to market. By bringing together diverse and disparate workforces to contribute ideas regardless of scale, our customers benefit from knowledge sharing, creativity and contribution that was previously non-existent.

Idea Spotlight removes perceived barriers between departments or regions, enabling increased transparency across all teams through:

  • A smart and mobile optimised platform
  • Platform localised to 11 key languages supporting logographic, syllabic and alphabetic languages
  • Challenge-led methodology with fully customisable workflows and idea capture
  • Manual & auto-progression of ideas depending on specific objectives
  • Smart recommendation engine surfaces the right ideas to the right people at the right time, allowing you to identify problems and the people who can help develop ideas

Learn how Wazoku’s idea management platform will help you achieve daily improvements for a better, faster, smarter future.