Here's how Improve helps you work faster, smarter, better.


Process Improvement & Change Management

Everything can be improved or made more efficient, and change is inevitable. Idea Spotlight’s templates and tools make it easy to start engaging the people with the knowledge and ideas - whether inside or outside the organisation - to drive your business forward today.



Flexible structures to manage continuous improvements

With always-on workflows, everyone can contribute whenever, wherever they see an area for enhancement, meaning ideas are never lost waiting for the right time to capture or implement them. You choose episodic calls for ideas to address specific, strategic objectives or broader challenges to encourage everyone to drive incremental changes every day.

Use best practice workflows to easily capture, evaluate and implement the best ideas quickly and start realising time, resource and cost savings immediately.

Product & Services Feedback

Your products & services must evolve to meet the changing needs of your prospects and customers. Engage staff, partners and customers to identify and prioritise the most beneficial enhancements, improvements and extensions to your existing product and services portfolio.


Drive co-creation with Connected Communities

Establish open or closed communities to connect your internal teams with your external stakeholders, in a single accessible platform, where feedback on products & services is shared.

Encourage everyone to engage, but move ideas between different communities for more structured and confidential development when needed. Share feedback with your product teams, to be evaluated and developed using a consistent workflow.


Supply Chain Optimisation

Creating a more collaborative supply chain results in a more efficient supply chain. Break down the silos and encourage your entire ecosystem to work together to bring value to you and the entire ecosystem.



Break down the barriers to true optimisation

Driving improvements and efficiency gains with a single supplier is good, getting your entire supplier ecosystem to work together to drive coordinated change is even better.

Just as breaking down silos between internal departments drives efficiency, bringing the entire supplier ecosystem together to drive coordinated improvements drives more value to the organisation.

Customer Experience

More informed customers drive more nuanced requirements. Customers demand personalised experiences that meet their specific needs and wants, making it imperative that organisations maintain a two-way dialogue to constantly adjust to evolving needs and wants.


Always on dialogue to engage and delight

Create a collaborative, open and transparent dialogue with your customers to drive honest and actionable feedback. Use Co-creation Communities with clear calls to action and structures to allow customers to understand how feedback is received and actioned.

Encourage collaboration within your customer community to share best practices, ask questions and build networks within the community.


Employee Experience

Workforce demands are changing, and employees want more from their jobs. They are looking for their voice to be heard and an opportunity to make a difference in their day-to-day work experience, in their customers' lives and in the world at large. Give them the opportunity to change the world, one idea at a time.



Give everyone in the organisation a voice

Creating an environment where everyone is actively engaged, requires you to break down the barriers to participation. With the Wazoku Idea App, employees can actively participate anytime, anywhere – both online and offline – so it fits with their schedule.

Using the suite of integrations tools also ensures that everyone can participate from the tools they already use – whether checking email or browsing the intranet.

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