The Importance of Celebrating Success

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When an organisation develops an innovation strategy, it must communicate it clearly across the entire organisation, commit to practicing innovation and make it safe to innovate.

Generating, collating, analysing and implementing ideas successfully – as part of a wider innovation strategy, calls for celebration and recognition of your triumph in innovation. Why is it so important to celebrate success?

  • Foster the talented, innovative and creative people in your business’ ecosystem
  • Showcase the value of the input driven
  • Increase brand awareness and reputation
  • Keep initial users engaged whilst building momentum and attracting new interest
  • Boast internal and external recognition as an innovator
  • Spread the excitement to other business areas – employees, customers, investors, the wider organisation’s network and the public

When you involve employees in idea management, it encourages their engagement within the company, empowers them to make changes and help solve the company’s strategic objectives. In fact, 80% of employees felt more engaged when their work was consistent with the core values and mission of their organisation. These employees spread their enthusiasm to colleagues and customers and are more dedicated to providing the best possible service. Happy employees are also 12% more productive, and when your teams go above and beyond, your company does too.

Companies that invest in employee engagement perform as much as 202% better than those with low engagement and can boast 30% greater customer satisfaction levels.

Celebrating innovation success benefits your entire organisation.

Celebrating Customer Success

This week, we couldn’t be more excited to share in the success of our customers for the inspiring and revolutionary ideas generated and implemented in their organisations, all powered by Wazoku’s idea management platform. The annual IdeasUK, Idea of the Year competition is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the hard work of individuals and organisations in making ideas happen.

Not only is this an event to celebrate the eureka moments of hard-working employees, it also celebrates unsung heroes of idea management – the people who manage employee ideas schemes and make it possible for that light bulb moment to become a real thing. From those who review ideas through to those communicating the scheme, everyone has a part to play in bringing ideas to life and IdeasUK is a network of people sharing their experiences at each step of the journey.” Bea Schofield, Customer Success Manager, Wazoku.

Here are some of the winners, finalists and stories shared this week:


Greater Anglia

Direct Line Group


Congratulations to all for the incredible work you do!

Setting Yourself Up For Success

The key to successful idea generation? Ensuring that you involve the right people in the right process at the right time. A comprehensive approach to measuring the success should involve:

  • Planning: Engaging and involving key stakeholders in the identification of clear metrics, making sure that they align with your business strategy and values.
  • Monitoring: A way to track metrics against goals, to gauge progress and pinpoint any necessary adjustments; using metrics to drive and assess growth is not a one-time exercise.
  • Learning: A continuous loop of feedback that assesses progress and engages key stakeholders in identifying implications and new opportunities that support your goals.

Remember, each organisation must clearly articulate their definition of success and honestly assess the gaps that are preventing them from achieving the desired success. The assessment process must occur continuously and accurately measure whether the organisation’s actions are closing the gap.

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