Idea Spotlight’s New Features

wazoku News

If you haven’t already heard, we’ve just released some new features for Idea Spotlight. If you login, you’ll immediately see the brand new changes:

New Look!
First, a shiny new login screen, followed by a new homepage and menu bars across the site. This homepage is now the first place you and your colleagues will land when you log in. This is where you can find out the most important things going on in your Idea Spotlight. You will also notice new rich text editing options when you add or edit ideas and challenges, making it easy to format the description fields of your ideas and challenges.

Private Challenges
Administrators now have the ability to set up private challenges and share them with selected people only. Only those invited people will be able to see and respond to  the private challenges, and they won’t be visible to the rest of your Idea Spotlight users. Ideas created in response to private challenges will also have the same visibility restrictions. To use this new feature just select the “private” option when creating a challenge.


Now available as a product extension, Conversations allow you to start a topical conversation thread to engage your Idea Spotlight users in discussions relevant to your organisation. Ideas can be created from comments in Conversations, making sure no potential ideas are lost! Contact your account manager to see a demo of this feature and to discuss enabling Conversations for your Idea Spotlight.

Login to your Idea Spotlight and tell us what you think of the new features! We have a few other things waiting in the wings such as review boards, teams, and homepage customisation. Stay tuned!