Reward & Recognise

Recognise more than just financial success to build a sustainable culture of innovation.

Build a reward and recognition programme that celebrates the big and the small achievements at all levels.

Use the reward and recognition tools to highlight and celebrate more than just your financial success. Remember to broadcast both lessons learned and failures, to remind your crowd that risk is allowed and necessary for a truly successful innovation programme. 

  • Home page stories – build custom stories around successful ideas and projects, individuals and teams that exhibit the desired behaviours and lessons learned from unsuccessful experiments. Share the stories globally and at the community level, so everyone has an opportunity to share the spotlight.
  • Gamification - everyone thrives on public recognition on a job well done. Use gamification to drive less tangible results and celebrate your contributors that truly embrace an ethos of collaboration. Share your leaderboards at every level – from individual Challenges to the overall global programme – to give everyone an equal opportunity to be recognised.
  • Peer Recognition - let the crowd drive recognition with always-on nominations which encourage them to publicly recognise peers and collaborators who live your values and drive your success.

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