Metrics & Reporting

Measure and monitor your programme to ensure your ROI and engagement.

Use configurable metrics and reporting to measure the results important to your business.
To show a real return on investment, return on engagement, value or missed opportunity cost of ideas, leverage our standard metrics and KPIs, as well as those custom-built for your stakeholders.
  • Porfolio view of ideas & projects - monitor and compare success across a Challenge, community or your entire platform to have a truer picture of the value generated by ideas across the business.
  • Configurable KPIs & metrics – select the metrics that are most relevant to your business. Don’t limit yourself to ROI, but also measure your engagement, activity and innovation archetypes to better inform every decision.
    • ROI – understand the value of selected and implemented ideas, but also the opportunity cost of ideas that are not actioned because of lack of resources or senior business sponsorship.
    • Engagement & activity – monitor your engagement and activity to inform your communication and engagement strategy and activities to ensure you are effectively reaching your intended crowd.
    • Innovation Archetypes – understand your crowd better – whether creators, contributors or lurkers – to tailor communications to best leverage each archetype's contributions.
  • Configurable dashboards, leaderboards & exports – engage and inform different stakeholders with different data to keep them informed. Share comprehensive results with senior stakeholders, while driving the preferred behaviours across your crowd.

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