Idea Generation & Capture

Use Idea Spaces, Co-creation Communities and Challenges to generate and capture ideas aligned to your strategic objectives.

Idea Spaces & Co-creation Communities provide the place for capturing ideas.

Idea generation and capture starts by focusing those with ideas - your crowd - on the objectives you are ready to address and fund. These communities give business leaders a dedicated place to set targets, whether tied to specific functions or brands, corporate-wide themes or strategic objectives.

Here's what makes them special:

  • Fully configurable and personalised – create personalised spaces with unique branding and permissions to engage the right groups and focus idea generation around topics and themes for those groups.
  • Integrated & detailed – share background information relevant to the theme or topic and engage the community in ongoing discussions, even when you’re not accepting new ideas.
  • Clear objectives and results – set community-specific KPIs to track everything from ROI to engagement to be sure the community stays active and output is outcome driven.

Challenges provide structure for idea generation.

Challenges are the problems to be solved or the opportunities to be explored.

The challenge-driven methodology is designed to ensure that you’re giving your crowd sufficient guidance on the ideas you seek and that what you receive in return is useful and actionable.

  • Templates – create repeatable processes with Challenge templates that provide quick setup and ensure consistent processes and workflow for capturing and implementing Ideas.
  • Configurable workflows – select from ‘always on’ workflows that provide a constant stream of new ideas or episodic workflows to address specific business needs.
  • Target an audience or cast a wide net – depending on your needs, invite everyone to participate, or target a specific segment with Smart Groups that automatically manage enrolment based on specific profile attributes such as job function or location.
  • Go private when necessary – have the option to create private Challenges when necessary to capture ideas on confidential topics or themes, or have private ideas within a Challenge to support competitions.
  • Keep Ideas flowing with task management – admin tools for Challenge Managers ensure that ideas move through the process freely and tasks are completed on time.
  • Metrics to measure success – easily set Challenge objectives and track results, using the data to identify bottlenecks and measure success continuously.

Ideas are your organisation's currency.

Ideas are the solutions to the questions presented by your Challenges.

Idea Spotlight makes it is easy to capture and develop these ideas

  • Mobile – support idea capture anytime, anyplace with a web platform accessible from any device – phone, tablet or desktop – or the Wazoku Idea App that supports online & offline submissions and development on iOS and Android phones and tablets.
  • Transparent – evaluation decisions, status updates and workflow status are all visible and transparent so everyone understands where and how ideas are being progressed, but allow privacy when appropriate, such as Dragon’s Den competitions and contests.
  • Outcome-driven – ask Idea Creators to estimate the value of their Ideas when created or track requests for grants or innovation funds to pursue an idea.
  • Related – link related ideas to develop and implement similar ideas together and avoid duplicative efforts.
  • Exportable – export ideas when you need to share them offline or include in presentations.

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