Different Ideas require different evaluation methods.

The Idea Spotlight Evaluation Toolkit provides the tools you need to make the best and most efficient evaluation decisions.

You’ll love:

  • Tokens – usually represented as time, money, resource, which can be distributed and then granted in a bespoke evaluation methodology for your Challenge, such as:
    • Kickstarter-style Challenge – allow Idea Creators and teams to drive community support for their ideas, progressing the ones that receive support for set thresholds in the defined period.
    • Senior sponsorship/ownership – drive management buy-in by requiring senior stakeholders or business owners to publicly grant their support for Ideas or commit budget and resources for ideas.
    • Weighted voting – gauge more than likes by letting the crowd give relative support for their preferred Ideas, whether it is one vote for 100 ideas or 100 votes for a single Idea.
    • Single preference – grant the crowd a single vote to select a single winner.
  • Pairwise – ask the crowd to make head to head comparisons of ideas with ranked results to short list your ideas.
  • Outcomes – ask subject matter experts to validate estimated idea costs & value to provide better and more complete data for decision making.
  • Weighted Scorecards – formally evaluate ideas in a private evaluation area with configured criteria, weighted for your specific objectives.
  • Adhoc Evaluators – supplement your pre-defined evaluators with Adhoc Evaluators:
    • Invite evaluators to specific Ideas when they require particular subject matter expertise.
    • Assign evaluators ‘on the fly’ when you cannot be sure what types of ideas you will receive and who the best evaluators might be.

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