Break down silos and drive collaboration, to maximise the value of your team's skill set and encourage unique, creative solutions.

You have an array of collaboration tools at your disposal, depending on your crowd and goals.

  • Social tools – drive greater engagement by encouraging Idea Creators and collaborators to share ideas for greater reach.
  • Comments & votes – use the crowd to expand and build ideas uncovering both their strengths and weaknesses with public comment threads; configurable voting options allow the crowd to drive the highest-potential ideas to the top of the list.
  • Peer Review – set up rules to automatically progress ideas that reach pre-defined thresholds, driving the best ideas to evaluation and development.
  • Mobility – move ideas between Challenges to get feedback and input from all relevant stakeholders – both internal and external. For example, generate potential solutions internally and then push them to your customers to help with prioritisation.
  • Language – use localisation tools to run a single Challenge to a global audience that allows everyone to participate in their native language, encouraging broader participation with lower barriers to entry.
  • Teams – allow Idea Creators to build teams around their dieas, engaging the right subject matter experts from inception through implementation, and preventing blockers to efficient development of ideas. Private team comment channels allow teams to collaborate within the platform so all information stays connected.
  • – don’t rely on luck to drive collaboration - leverage our proprietary AI algorithms to find the connections between People, Ideas & Problems that might otherwise be missed.
  • Gamification – drive the right behaviours with configurable rules that reward collaboration and team building in the innovation process. Use Gamification leader boards to encourage user activity, reinforce the value you place on collaboration and foster a bit of healthy competition.

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