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Idea Spotlight: Form Builder Enhancements

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We know you are making customised idea forms to meet your specific business needs, so we are always looking for ways to help you to make better forms.


Category Field
The Category field is a special field that can be used to auto-assign reviewers and moderators to ideas, and coming soon you will be able to use the Category field to auto-assign owners to an idea to help shepherd it through the ideation process.

But, we know you don’t always want to use the label ‘Category’ to identify the field. For example if you are using it to identify geographic regions, you may want to rename ‘Country’. Now, when adding the Category field to the form, you will have the option of relabelling the field name on the Field Settings tab.

Summary Field

To give users a preview of an idea when viewing lists of ideas, for example on the Challenge Home page or the Ideas page, you can select the summary field to display under the title.

To select a summary Field for your form, choose from the list of form fields in the Summary Field on the Form Summary tab in the Form Builder. As you add fields to the form, they will automatically be added to the list of potential summary fields.