Idea Management System Comparison

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Comparing the features if different idea management systems can be difficult, not only because these features can be adaptable, but also because one feature may combine many functions that can’t be directly comparable to another. Although Gartner’s done a Who’s Who in Innovation Management Technology report which does contain some feature comparison, at a whopping $995, many don’t have the money to spend on one report which may or may not answer their questions. Below we address some of the key pain points and ways we differ from other idea management systems, but we encourage you to browse our features or contact us for more information.

Don’t just vote, build teams. Most idea management software gives its users capabilities in voting and discussing challenges, campaigns, or ideas. Our platform not only allows for unlimited users and interactions, but it also allows for multiple user roles, review boards, and other ways of creating a truly interactive and responsive community.Wazoku-Idea-Management-Platform

Collaborate within your workflow. Some idea management solutions provide integrations with a variety of software as a perk, but you may not actually need them. It’s all well and good to have a Facebook app, but do your employees engage with Facebook with work in mind? We work with you to find the best options for third party integrations to build a platform you will truly use in a work environment. It’s more important that you have one integration that creates an innovative culture than a bunch of integration options you won’t utilise.

The right approach for the right sector. We’re not just selling software, we’re selling a solution and we do our best to ensure that our software actually does become a solution and we do that by addressing specific needs. Government organisations, education providers, and for-profit businesses have different needs, all of which we’re able to meet. We have UK based hosting and encryption to address the security needs of governments, the customisation options to address the white label needs of businesses, and easy implementation and reasonable cost options for educational institutions. Whatever your type of business, we’re sure you can create an innovative culture and we’d love to help you figure out how.

Get more than experts involved. A few idea management solutions come packaged with the expectation that experts may get involved in either the idea generation process or in the approval process. Our solution not only allows experts to get involved at a variety of levels and functions, but it also allows for any expert, including your customers, to get involved. With multiple user roles, domains, review boards, teams, sharing, and public/private challenge options, you can create and administrate the involvement of your experts, but what if you want to draw on the expertise of your audience? We give your idea management platform crowdsourcing potential with our survey/consultation and competition options. Not only can you source ideas from the experts you know, but also from experts you may not know.

Custom but cost effective. Because our solution is flexible, so are your costs. We understand that many customers are looking for the ideal idea management platform that will meet all of their specific needs without having to develop their own software or pay for a completely customised solution. With our option, you dont’ just get an out of the box approach – we work with you to meet your specific needs in building your innovative culture. We know that the software is half of the battle. It has to really work with your organisation effectively. We’re committed to providing you with a true Software as a Service.

Hopefully, you’ve found the following points in our idea management system comparison applicable, but if not, please feel free to contact us and we’d be more than happy to let you know how we can address your concerns.

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