Defence and government

Idea Management Software for Government

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While the buzz word “innovation” may seem particularly applicable to young, start-up companies or large, pioneering organisations like Apple, idea management software is just as applicable for governments as it is for corporations. In fact, there are many reasons that governments should definitely incorporate an innovation process into their operations. Here are the most compelling reasons for governments to adopt an idea management solution:

Defence and government

Effectively Gauging Public Opinion – The cornerstone of effective government is the best representation of their constituents wants and needs. Many governments attempt to do their best to represent constituents by holding consultations and requesting public opinion. But these consultations can create even more administrative work for an already administratively burdened sector. Idea management software, especially with consultation software capabilities, allows governments to ease that administrative burden and create either effective reports based on public consultations or generate and develop ideas from public input.  Our consultation software not only allows for multiple means and methods of utilising feedback, but also allows for input from the public from a variety of sources and in a variety of formats. Utilising the best technology to gather and analyse public opinion is more crucial for governments than anyone.

Finding The Best Ideas – Private corporations are known for doing everything in their power to finding and implementing the best ideas for their businesses, while governments may be known for sticking to particular processes. Yet, great ideas are just as important for governments a they are for corporations. it’s innovation and new ideas that help governments improve the processes they rely on. Investing in idea management software to create a culture of innovation will not only invigorate employees, but constituents as well. Idea management software provides a place for employees and constituents alike to submit, vote, and discuss ideas in a platform that’s similar to the social networking websites many employees and voters are currently used to. Because the process is so engaging and transparent, it will encourage individuals to become involved in government in ways they haven’t before. And as the administrator, you’re capable of seeing and analysing all of the ideas and deciding when to move on the best ones.

Rewarding Innovators – For small start-ups, rewarding individuals for their contributions can sometimes be far easier than for larger corporations. Governments not only have the size of their employee based to contend with, but also the size of their constituencies. Trying to remember individuals and their contributions can create a difficult task in and of itself. With idea management software, rewarding your top innovators becomes as easy as looking at your dashboard. All of our idea management solutions come with basic administrative functions that allow you to see which users contribute to conversations and votes most often. And our in depth option analytical features allow you to see even more. The software, each with individual accounts for their own users, creates an easy atmosphere where you know who suggests an idea and can follow the conversation and contributions far easier than you can keep notes in huge, complicated meetings. Rewarding your best innovators, as employees or voters, becomes easier for governments within an idea management solution.

These are just a few of the many reasons governments can benefit from implementing idea management solutions. Innovation is not merely an approach for corporations; it’s also an approach governments can benefit from, especially given how technology can create a real connection between the voter and their government.