Idea Management Software Boosts Collaboration – Financial Times

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The FT has just published an article by Jane Bird on how idea management software is being adopted by an increasing number of organisations globally.  The article features Wazoku and explains why one of our major clients, Aviva, is using Idea Spotlight to power and facilitate its Customer Cup, a global internal competition. Idea Spotlight is particularly helpful for Aviva because of its flexibility and its ability to  easily handle huge volumes of users and ideas. Aviva can invite its 33,000 staff worldwide to log on, submit their ideas and build around their colleagues’ ideas. 


Previous Customer Cups have been very labour-intensive, says Jan Gooding, Aviva’s group brand director. “Every employee had to be emailed a request to participate. To spread the word, we relied on old fashioned methods such as posters. Previously, people did not know what ideas their colleagues had submitted. “This time they will be able to inspire each other and join forces with people who have similar ideas, rather than each team working in the dark.” 


Read the full article here.