Idea management process – much more than software

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If anyone thinks that innovation management tools alone will be enough for a company to stand out from the crowd and become competitive, they’ll need to think again!  Yes, a web-based solution like Idea Spotlight is a good starting point because it enables everyone involved in the business to have their say and contribute their ideas to common goals and future success. Idea Software can help filter ideas, and adds transparency to the idea management process.

However, without an appropriate management process to implement ideas and make decisions, even the best possible piece of idea  software will be not used to its full potential. Before starting to use idea management software, it is important to consider the innovation process and answer some crucial questions in terms of how the process will be implemented and how to use the software to its full potential. Phases are detailed in the image below:

Behind an idea management process sit several stages that build on each other and lead to the ultimate objective – more productivity and revenue. Key questions to ask are:

  1. What do we want to achieve with idea management software? What and who should be involved in the process?
  2. How do we filter, consider ideas and manage feedback?
  3. How do we select the right ideas and make sure we set realistic goals for their implementation?
  4. How do we analyse which ideas are most valuable and are most likely to bring ROI?

Answering these questions will help you get the most from idea software and its features.