Idea Generation Software? Not Quite.

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Companies and entrepreneurs are always looking for the best way get generate good ideas. StartupsUK recently wrote an article about how some of the best ideas for startups come from travel, Inc features the best industries to start up in to inspire that initial spark, and Forbes writes about how to rediscover your creative side. All around companies want to know how they can get their hands on the next greatest idea. It’s unsurprising then that many would search for idea generation software.

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What most companies don’t recognise however is that they often don’t have to go beyond their own doors to find a fantastic idea. What they’re looking for isn’t so much idea generation software, but idea management software. It’s all well and good to have these ideas sitting in the wings, but it means nothing if you can’t analyse all of the ideas to find the best ones. And almost every sector can benefit from utilising idea management within their business.

Here’s a list of three sectors and how they can specifically benefit from idea management:

– The feedback of constituents forms the backbone of governments. Collecting that feedback in traditional means has meant long town hall meetings or tedious surveys. With idea management software, especially Idea Spotlight with a consultation add-on, governments can conduct public consultations online and use the analytical power of idea management software to build off of those suggestions either by developing new policies or generating reports.

Education – Gathering feedback and ideas from students creates a sense of belonging with an educational institution and can even serve as a learning process for the students. On one occasion, Education First has utilised our idea management software to gather product feedback and ideas from customers, their students, to create a better end product. In the case of RBS EnterprisingU, students and alumni submit their business plan and our platform gives them a space to test these ideas, get feedback from mentors, and perfect their process. Educational sectors can utilise the idea management process either by collecting ideas from students or using the idea management process as a learning experience.

Media – When you’re in the business of publishing, producing, or creating consumable media for the public, new ideas are the lifeblood of your organisation. Finding those good ideas out of a sea of opinions becomes the challenge. When we worked with Faber and Faber, an innovative publishing company, we helped them create a solution to gather, test, and implement ideas from their employees so they could maintain a leg up over their competition. We’ve also been working hand in hand with BBC to generate their own customised platform for employees to submit and vet ideas for television shows and radio programmes. With our contest platform extension, there’s always the possibility not only of utilising our idea management software to find those great programme ideas, but to reward viewers for their own ideas or participation.

These are just three small examples of how you can utilise our platform. With the help of your customers, employees, constituents, stakeholders, etc. our idea management solution becomes the idea generation software so many companies are currently searching for.

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