iCreate to Become Central to BBC Creativity

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We’ve just read a story recently on Televisual that announces new BBC Director Danny Cohen’s plans for developing creativity in the BBC:


Cohen said “At the heart of this idea is a desire to change the relationship between creativity and status and seniority in BBC Television. Up until now in the BBC you have had to become a manager to gain status and seniority. The Creative Labels aim to change that and give creativity a higher profile in BBC Television.”

Cohen is also launching and sponsoring Development Central, a new centralised unit for in-house production.

Led by a high-profile creative, Development Central will focus on unscripted ideas across Factual, Factual Entertainment and Formats and Entertainment. The Innovation Unit, Format Lab and iCreate will all come under its umbrella. Development Central will complement the existing genre development teams, providing a resource to draw on and growing BBC creative talent.

Read more at the source.

We’re thoroughly pleased to hear that iCreate will be part of the central strategy for the BBC in developing new television programmes and other forms of media. We hope to continue to play a part in the creative process that drives so many excellent ideas to the televisions and radios of Britain.