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How to Ensure Innovation Fits into the Way Your Business Operates. – Partner conference

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Our South African partner Innocentrix will be organising the Innolive Conference, in February 2015. Our CEO Simon Hill will be one of the speakers and will be discussing the importance of innovation in organisations.

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We are sure you will concur with our research, which has shown that companies get the importance of innovation but more importantly, realise, now, that the cross-functional responsibilities and business processes to drive sustainable culture, competence and processes need to change to effectively apply innovation to either, reduce costs or increase market share and in turn your profits.

Simon Hill, CEO, Wazoku and recent winner of the UK Guardian Small Business Leader of the Year, highlights; “ Those of us in the innovation industry have watched the results of big companies and noticed the initial excitement which soon becomes sceptical after engagement levels drop following big launches. The whole process needs to fit into the way your business operates.” See Simon Hill at THE INNOLIVE CONFERENCE in association with Fast Company SA.

Companies that succeed at creating value deliberately re-design their IT, finance, HR, product and customer interventions to make innovation produce significant business value and are mindful of the following:

  • Appropriate compensation and recognition systems
  • Relevant IT platforms to manage and measure innovation
  • Leadership culture priorities
  • Line management responsibilities & accountabilities
  • Customer centric product development & service delivery
  • Budgeting and finance essentials
  • Employee engagement sustainability
  • Recruitment and development requirements

The Innolive 2 day conference addresses just that; with a multi-streamed programme packed with local and international case studies, to provide value to all decision makers involved in their organisation’s innovation agenda including:

CEO’s | CFO’s | Heads of Strategy & Innovation | CIO’s | Human Capital & Talent Management Professionals | R & D Engineers | Corporate Entrepreneurs | Organisational Design Professionals | Product Development & Customer Service Delivery Managers and Process Managers & Executives in both the Private and Public Sectors.

When: 19 & 20 February 2015
Where: The Innovation Hub Pretoria

BOOK & PAY BY 15 December 2014 and you will save between R 500.00 to R 1500.00 per delegate. Special offer of R 5 495.00 per person plus VAT = R 6 264.30. [Please note: Group discounts do not apply to this special offer.]

Pricing after 15 December 2014:
Individuals (1- 4 delegates) R 6 995.00 per person plus vat = R 7 974.30
Teams ( 5 – 9 delegates) R 6 495.00 per person plus vat = R 7 404.30
Corporates (10 or more delegates) R 5 995.00 per person plus vat = R 6 834.30
VIP CODE: I- Live 002
Call: Nhlanhla on 012 844 0084
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To acquire a detailed programme go to We look forward to welcoming you and your colleagues to the conference.