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How to avoid the iceberg

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A few years ago I attended a presentation by someone from my network who had just returned from one of the programs at the Singularity University.

Iceberg photoI hadn’t heard of the Singularity University at that time, but listening to Russell discuss his experiences peaked my interest, and since then I have taken time to develop a deeper understanding of the concept of singularity and the wider body of work, research, activity and more that is done through organisations such as the SU.

I am by no means an expert. I haven’t been fortunate enough (yet) to attend a course at the SU. However, I have read a lot and remain deeply interested in the paradigm of singularity. At its heart, the mission of the SU is very closely aligned with the vision we hold at Wazoku. The challenges that the SU seeks to tackle are the biggest macro challenges that face the world today and tomorrow. At Wazoku, we are typically working on a slightly different scale, but the ethos of the two organisations is  nonetheless similar.

At Wazoku we believe in the aspirational goal of Everyday innovation: an organisational culture where innovation is embedded in the DNA and is a part of everyone’s role, in every department, every day.

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