Hotbed of Innovation on BDaily

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Our founder, Simon Hill, recently wrote an article for BDaily on how to create a hotbed of innovation within your company:

The value of innovation and good ideas is increasing all the time. Tough economic conditions means businesses must work harder to differentiate themselves and remain competitive, whilst NESTA (the UK’s innovation agency) stated last year that investment in new products and ideas has fallen by £24bn since the recession hit in 2008.

Anyone within an organisation can have an idea that has true impact. When this occurs, not only does the business benefit but the employee feels like they are making a significant contribution and is engaged and motivated to contribute more ideas. But how do you go about establishing innovation in your company? Here are my top five tips:

If you’d like to see all of Simon’s tips for establishing innovation, check the BDaily article out here. And keep following our blog for more information about innovation management.