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Happiness and creativity

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Experiencing positive emotions spurs creativity and allows people to see the world in a different way. A positive mood, in fact, allows your brain to think more creatively.

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This is what Ruby Nadler, a graduate student of University Western Ontario, found out in a study carried out in 2010 with two colleagues, Rahel Rabi and John Paul Minda. Researchers altered participants’ mood before the study through music and videos: some of them were put in a good mood, others in a bad one and the rest was left neutral. After that, researchers asked those students to do some category learning tasks. The result was that happy students performed better than unhappy or neutral.

The science of positive thinking has developed a lot during the last years and today big companies are hiring specialists to boost employees’ level of happiness.

Have you ever wondered whether your employees are happy or not? Are you taking any concrete measure to be sure they maintain a positive attitude in everyday task?

Your staff is an essential ingredient for your company in order to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage and you should pay a lot of attention to their level of happiness. You must be sure they approach everyday task with a good mood, so they can be more creative, productive and efficient.

Employees are happy when engaged in their organisation activities and a manager’s role should be fostering a culture of communication and transparency so that no one feels left apart.

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