Groups and Review Boards

wazoku News

We’ve recently introduced two new features available on Idea Spotlight: Groups and Review Boards!

Groups – Administrators will now be able to add users to a group. Accounts receive an unlimited number of groups and, when they invite users into Idea Spotlight, they can also automatically invite them into specific groups. It’s easy to change which users are in which groups from the administration panel. The huge benefit to having groups is that it allows users, when creating an idea, to share the idea with specific groups and saves the trouble of having to remember names or email addresses for every individual in the group!

Review Boards – Every idea goes through a process of review and management and we’ve built a functionality into our platform that makes that review process easier. Administrators will be able to enact review boards to challenges and choose whether the reviews will occur at the end of the challenge or during the time span of the challenge. Admins can also choose who they would like to be on the review board an elect a Board Lead to give the final approval on all ideas within a challenge. Review criteria, which are optional, can also be implemented and reviewers give the idea a score based on these criteria between 1 and 5. This makes the review process even simpler to conceptualise and execute.

With both of these features, our users will be able to find new ideas better, but manage them effectively. Sourcing ideas can sometimes be half of the battle. Managing and analysing them is the real issue which both of these new features will help our clients address.