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Government Spotlight in G-Cloud on British APCO

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Our Government Spotlight solution and it’s inclusion into the G-cloud market has been announced via the British APCO Journal:

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“Government Spotlight played a pivotal role in gathering feedback from the public on this key report into mental health and policing in London,” said Lord Victor Adebowale CBE, Chief Executive of Turning Point, the organisation which produced the report, The Independent Commission on Mental Health and Policing. “Public opinion was an important part of the process and as a tool for engaging with the public and capturing their ideas, Government Spotlight met our needs perfectly.”

Wazoku’s IL-2 G-Cloud certified Government Spotlight comes with a range of features to help public sector organisations get the most from their innovation communities. These include: a dashboard which shows the most popular, ‘trending’ ideas; analytic tools to organise ideas; report building software; a quick and easy process for consultations; a configurable homepage; third party integrations and complete transparency, with users able to see where and who ideas came from.

To read the entire article on the website, click here. We’re excited not only to be included in the G-Cloud market, but also to address the needs of our government/public sector clients effectively.